Why a Dubrovnik Cruise Has To Be On Your Bucket List

Dubrovnik cruises in 2024 are HUGE.

With Croatia now firmly at the top of Europe’s hottest ‘it’ destinations, this ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ in the country’s South is not to be missed. So, if you’re considering your options for cruise holidays in Europe this year, a Dubrovnik cruise has to be on the list. Why? Because if it’s not, here’s what you’ll miss…

Holidays in Dubrovnik capture the best of Europe

What’s the European allure that attracts you the most? The scenery, history, food, wine, culture, language, people…? Dubrovnik offers it all – prepare to be regaled!

  1. The Adriatic Coast is the new Med

    Once upon a time, holidayers looking for coastal class would head for the Med and enjoy endless summer days, glamorous surroundings and inimitable Euro-chic. Although the South of France remains synonymous with postcard-perfect holidays, a new Croatian kid is now on the block… And it’s every bit as alluring and entertaining.

    Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia all border the Adriatic Sea, which is, in fact, the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean. Crystal clear turquoise-coloured waters, astounding marine life biodiversity, and a mild climate make this one very coveted body of water.

    Cruise Croatia’s Dubrovnik cruises in 2024 spend plenty of time in the Adriatic, much to the delight of our travellers. It really is mesmerising to be aboard one of our vessels, watching as you glide past a string of coastal villages and towns.

    Whether they’re built entirely from stone in the area or assembled higgledy-piggledy across steep terraced hills, each destination has an incredible charm and authenticity that just adds to the stunning landscape. Whereas some coastal towns can detract from a beach setting, Croatian villages enhance it.

  2. Croatian food and wine is world-class

    Traditional Croatian food isn’t flashy, it’s wholesome and nutritious and makes the most of its abundant produce from land and sea. Think hearty stews and soups, mouth-watering grills, BBQd meats, shellfish, cakes, pastries, olive oil, and herbs. You won’t go hungry here—you’ll be hard-pressed to try all the regional delicacies, there are so many!

    Indeed, like much of Europe, Croatia’s food can differ slightly from region to region. Overall, this is a gastronomic story of cultural influence, a reflection of its complex and ever-changing history. You’ll find epicurean links to the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

    The revered Michelin Guide acknowledges 15 Dubrovnik restaurants, including the red-hot Restaurant 360. If you’re after a top-secret, one of our favourite places to eat is Pantarul. It’s away from the tourists and nestled in an otherwise unremarkable residential suburb. But that’s often where you find the most amazing hidden gems, right? If you want to experience authentic Croatian cooking at the highest quality, freshness, and skill level, this is the experience you’re looking for.

    If an epicurean adventure whets your appetite, you must discover our Croatian food and wine cruises.

    Where do we start with Croatian wine? Other than to say it feels like one of the best-kept secrets in epicurean history. But perhaps that’s a good thing, as it just leaves more for those of us in the know..?! Whilst the world pours Pinot or sips Sav Blanc, we’re turning to robust and rich Plavac Mali or elegant and fruity Pošip. If you love discovering new drops, we recommend reading about Croatian wine varieties before sailing off on your Dubrovnik cruise adventure.

  3. Dalmatian culture and history is rich and fascinating

    Dubrovnik has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1970s, and no wonder. The town’s remarkable fortified old area is a triumph in perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Yet its history goes as far back as the 7th Century when it was supposedly founded by refugees from Epidaurus and named Ragusa.

    From that moment, Dubrovnik became a contested and coveted destination. It supposedly offered asylum to King Richard I during his return from the Crusades, was sold to Venice in the 15th Century, began trading with India and the Americas in the 16th Century and even contributed ships to Spain as part of their failed Armada invasion of the UK.

    The Dubrovnik-Neretva County is home to over 1,400 protected historic buildings, including churches, monasteries, a necropolis, bridges and, of course, those iconic city walls and fortresses. If you want history, you’ll have it by the bucket-load in Dubrovnik.

    And if your history niche lies in Game of Thrones, this is home to the Red Keep, the House of the Undying, the setting of the Purple Wedding and much more.

A Dubrovnik cruise caters for all styles and tastes

If you’re looking for cruises to Dubrovnik in 2024, we have dozens of options, all of which appeal to different preferences. So, what’s on offer?

Choose your type of cruise holiday ship

Whether you’re after a deluxe cruise, a first-class cruise, or a traditional cruise, all options are possible. This flexibility means you can select ships based on their level of amenities and the number of guests on board.

Choose your type of cruise holiday duration

Do you want to pack your bags and disappear for a long adventure? Or are you after a mini cruise that can cover a lot of sights and experiences in a condensed amount of time, giving you the chance to dip your toe into the water? Again, our cruise tours enable you to select the duration (from three days to two weeks) that’s right for you.

Choose your cruise itinerary

Would you prefer to remain in Croatia, or cruise to nearby countries such as Italy, Greece and Slovenia? Again, all options are on the table and yours to decide!

Choose your cruise adventure

Are you keen to add on activities such as food and wine, or are you keen for some hiking and biking in Croatia? Cruise Croatia isn’t just an adventure by sea – we help you make the most of every part of your trip so you can explore the things you love in a land you’ll fall in love with!

Cruises to Dubrovnik depart from amazing locations

Your Croatian experience does not just start and finish in this destination, as glorious as it is! Sure, it will be hard to set sail on such a pearl of a place, but plenty more jaw-dropping scenery, fascinating towns and fun things to do await.

There is no question Croatia is an incredible part of the world. Depending on the cruise tour you’re after, other destinations might include the Croatian islands, Plitvice Lakes, the Croatian capital city Zagreb, Athens, the Greek islands, Venice and more.

We appreciate the choice can be overwhelming, so touch base with our travel experts and let them help you refine your options. With their assistance, you’ll create the dream cruise getaway in no time.

We hope you’re now inspired to join us on a Dubrovnik cruise. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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