Reasons To Visit Greece On a Small Ship Cruise

One of the world’s top ten holiday destinations, Greece has always been a red-hot favourite for tourists. However, we have seen a particular explosion of interest in our Greek island cruises 2024 schedules. Why? Is it the astoundingly beautiful natural scenery or iconic fairytale island architecture? Could it be the world-renowned Greek food and wine? Does day after day of weather perfection and pristine beaches have something to do with it?

These are all amazing reasons to visit Greece, without question. But it is all the better when the adventure takes place on a small ship, and our Cruise Croatia team has ten formidable reasons why. Warning – if you’re dreaming of a Greek island cruise in 2024, this might just compel you to turn fantasy into reality

10 Reasons to Visit Greece by Small Ship

  1. Outstanding amenities on our Greece small ship cruises

    Our deluxe cruise ships mean you island hop in style and comfort! Take one of our Greek small ships, the My Harmony V, for example. Sleek and contemporary, she features indoor and outdoor lounge areas, a modern dining room boasting big windows for jaw-dropping views during your meal, a sun deck, cabins with private en suites, TVs and safe deposit boxes.

    With just 25 cabins accommodating a maximum of 49 guests, the ambience is convivial and intimate – you’re not going to feel like you’re in a cast of thousands.

  2. Greek island cruises pack a lot in without feeling rushed

    If you’ve never before visited this stunning part of Europe, a small ship cruise is the way to get around. Once you’re aboard, leave the travel up to us. All you need to do is settle in, relax and await each destination as it comes to you – not the other way around.

    Read a book, get some sun, socialise, enjoy a drink on deck. In no time at all, you’ll be taken from one incredible destination to the next. Forget traffic, trying to find a taxi, stuffy trains or buses – travel in style and see as much as possible without getting frazzled.

    Our Greece cruise schedules range from eight to 11 days. Let’s just look at one example – the Divine Cyclades adventure. In eight days, you’ll leave Lavrion and visit Cape Sounion, Mykonos, Naxos, Schinoussa, Koufonisi, Santorini, Kimolos (constantly voted the world’s best island), Kythnos and back to Lavrion.

    While other travellers wait for ferry departures, lug their luggage from island to island, try and find some shade and struggle with directions and logistics, you’ll be spending your time visiting ancient monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites, leisurely exploring, swimming, participating in optional guided land tours, getting involved in optional cooking classes and more.

    In eight days, you’ll have seen more of the Greek islands (in a more relaxed state) than most other travellers who dash past you.

  3. Cruise the Greek islands without lifting a finger

    Well, that’s probably a little misleading. You’ll need to lift a finger when you graze on the rosemary-infused saganaki skewers, or when you lift a glass of chilled Assyrtiko white Greek wine to your lips.

    However, cruising the Greek islands with us means only doing what you want to do. We take care of everything for you – from luggage handling on arrival and site entry tickets to daily cabin service, mid-week fresh linen and towels and navigating from island to island. Once you step aboard one of our seven small Greek ships, your holiday is all happiness and zero hassle.

  4. Our Greece cruises take you to the best tourist hot spots

    Just because you’re on a sailing adventure doesn’t mean you miss seeing all the incredible points of interest back on terra firma. A great reason to visit Greece by small ship is you get the best of both worlds – by water and by land!

    Greece is home to a treasure trove of some of the world’s most important cultural and historical ancient sites. From Delphi, Mount Parnassus, the Acropolis, the theatre of Dionysus and the Hill of Democracy (Pnyx) to those postcard-perfect white Greek village shots we all know, love and fantasise about. There’s no FOMO on an adventure with us!

  5. A Greek island cruise is an immersion in history and culture

    As a tourist, there are two ways to experience a country’s history and culture. The first is by visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites and places of profound historical interest. The second is more of an ‘off-piste’ adventure – a side-door entry into Greek life as it was and is in the present day. We deliver both on our Greece cruise tours.

    So along with all the must-do ancient Greek wonders, you can also opt to visit a traditional olive oil business or a liquor distillery. If you love Greek cuisine (who doesn’t?!), why not select a cooking class and learn some local dishes from an expert? When the holiday is over, the recipe is a gift that keeps on giving!

  6. You don’t have to worry about your next meal on a Greece cruise

    Our small ship cruises take care of all your breakfasts on board, most of your lunches and some dinners. Enjoy your meals in our spacious, stylish dining room. With generous windows, this is the perfect place to eat, drink and watch the world sail by one spectacular scene after the next.

    Most guests love to turn dinner into a bit of an adventure. Rather than dining on board, they prefer to go off in smaller social groups to explore the local nightlife and discover bars and restaurants. You’re never short of an amazing place to dine in any of these locations!

  7. A small ship Greek island cruise makes it easy to get ashore

    This is a real plus for small ship adventurers, as boats are able to dock in port marinas rather than at a distance off-shore. This means when you step off the boat, you step onto terra firma – not a smaller vessel that then ferries you to land.

    This provides a huge amount of flexibility for travellers – you can stay in control of your plans and not have a commuting boat schedule dictate when you can and cannot leave. You don’t have to stress about making it back in time for the last ‘taxi’ – your boat stays in port all evening so you can make a real night of it!

  8. The water is just an arm’s length away on a small ship cruise of the Greek islands

    Given you’re interested in a cruise, we’re assuming you love the water. Well, this is your chance to be surrounded by it 24/7. There is no question that Greece boasts some of the most mesmerising water in the world. Flanked by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea, Greece has more than its fair share of beautiful aquatic settings.

    Enjoy the views from your cabin, the large dining room windows, or outside on the sun decks. When you’re on land, you can look back out onto the sea and take in the spectacular views from further afield. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Mingle with like-minded travellers on Greece cruise tours

    This is one of the great reasons to visit Greece by small ship – so many other like-minded people want to do it as well! Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, you have a chance to meet and spend time with plenty of interesting travellers from all corners of the globe.

    With sun decks, lounges, a restaurant and, of course, your individual cabins, you can choose to socialise in different settings or have time-out solo. Strike up friendships that may well last a lifetime.

  10. Why not try a Greece and Croatia cruise?

    Why stick to the Greek islands exclusively when we can take you to Croatia as well? If you think Greece sounds amazing, wait until you hear about this gem along the Adriatic Sea!

    We first began our sailing holidays focusing on Croatia. We know this country and its hundreds of spectacular islands like the back of our hand. Adding Croatia to your Greek island adventure will be the icing on the cake – we promise!

    We hope you now have plenty of amazing reasons to visit Greece by small ship. If you’re interested in a cruise with us, contact our friendly team today to find out more. We promise the best Greek island cruises in 2024 imaginable! But hurry – you can see schedules are starting to book out!

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