Why You’ll Love Our Croatia Land & Sea Tours

If Italy, Slovenia & Croatia are on your bucket list, one of our cruise tours land and sea packages is for you. Exploring these stunning, fascinating countries will surely become one of the most memorable holiday experiences of your life.

We’ll have other opportunities to talk about spectacular Slovenia and irresistible Italy, but for today, we want to focus on a complete Croatia experience. Because this country is going to knock your socks off for all the right reasons!

Here are seven reasons why a cruise-tour in 2024 will have you talking for years to come…

1. Forget the Med – it’s all about the Adriatic

Croatia cruise tours showcase the spectacular Adriatic Sea

The Côte d’Azur is so yesterday – those in the know head to the Adriatic for unspoilt waters and incredible vistas. No wonder Croatia’s Dalmatian and Istrian regions are home to so many traditional love songs. You’ll fall hook, line and sinker the moment you lay eyes on this remarkable part of the world.

If you’ve dreamt of diving into water so clear and clean that you can’t tell if the boat is floating or flying, Croatia is for you. Croatians love water polo, so don’t be surprised if nets are set up waiting for your game. Of course, you can always just take it easy and unwind in a beach bar or have a cheeky nap on the sand, soaking up the sun.

Whilst you sail from island to island, look back at the mountainous mainland and watch the hill colours change with the sun – from deep, dark blues to soft lilacs, you’ll always be surprised. Keep an eye open for the Adriatic’s playful dolphins – they love to chase the boats and show off in front of visitors!

But it’s not just the natural beauty that will astound you about the Adriatic. Seaside fishing villages made from local materials (often stone and terracotta) pepper the landscape, their bright rooftop colours contrasting with the surrounding vivid green pine trees and abundant ancient olive tree plantations.

Village laneways typically wind their way up hills, where they eventually meet orchards and farms. It’s not unusual to go for a wander and smell wafts of figs baking on trees or fragrant spring and summer flowers in full bloom along the roadsides.

Biokovo Skywalk

The Biokovo Skywalk with its semicircular glass walkway provides fantastic views of the Adriatic sea and islands.

2. Food from your fantasies

Croatia land and cruise tours showcase incredible food and drink

As you’d expect given its geographical location, Croatian food is a mouth-watering fusion of Mediterranean, Central European and Balkan influences. Despite this melting pot of overarching culinary inspiration, food in the area is very much regionally-focused. However, no matter where you go in the country, you can expect some common ingredients.

  • Olive oil – it’s not hard to see why this is the staple condiment for all Croatian cooking. You’d be forgiven for thinking much of the country is covered by ageing, beautiful olive trees. Visit during harvest season and you might see streets lined with huge containers of olives sitting in seawater brine. Locals here either make the oil themselves or have a very close relative who does it for them. Forget about mass-produced cooking oil – this is liquid gold.
  • Seafood – the closest you’ll get to peak traffic on this holiday is probably watching the local fishermen and women head in and out on their boats each morning. Croatian cooking is heavily influenced by an abundance of treasures from the sea. Think fresh anchovies (don’t make the mistake of assuming these are anything like the anchovies back at home – they are next-level!), octopus, squid, prawns, mussels, sea bass, mackerel, tuna, salmon… It’s a seafood smorgasbord!
  • Fruit and vegetables – it’s easy to eat well when you have so much access to fresh, healthy produce. Expect big dishes of stuffed, roasted or grilled vegetables (with a generous dose of the liquid gold oil we salivated over above!) along with simple salads made glorious thanks to subtle dressings and flavoursome ingredients. Fruit can be fresh, dried (don’t get us started on naturally sundried figs!), preserved or in an incredible array of cakes and pastries.
  • Meat – from lamb, pork and veal on the spit to Balkan sausages and preserved hams, the Croatians really know how to make meat the star attraction. Keep an eye out on the menu for peka, the traditional slow-roasting of meat and veggies under a bell-shaped lid and over an open flame. Wow, just wow!
  • Pasta – the Italians might have done the best PR on pasta, but Croatia is hot on their heels! Pasta, noodles, gnocchi and dumplings can be found on menus across the country, all singing with the flavours and cooking methods of local traditions.

3. History buffs will never want to leave

Croatia cruises & tours are rich in history and culture

If you love delving back in time, you’re spoiled for choice in Croatia. This area’s ancient history has been shaped by influences from ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, and then later the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These eras have had a significant impact on both the country and its people.

Look no further for signs of Roman influence than the breathtaking city of Split. Beautifully preserved, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into Diocletian’s Palace. Further south in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik, you’ll find the medieval presence alive and thriving thanks to its incredible city walls and combination of Gothic and Baroque architecture.

If you think Croatia’s ancient history will keep you entertained, wait until we consider more modern times. A former part of Yugoslavia and a key figure in the Balkans War in the 1990s. You’ll see signs of the war throughout the beautiful capital city of Zagreb, including the haunting Image of War Photography Museum.

The mosaic feature on the front of the National History Museum

4. Postcard-perfect weather… Again!

Land and sea packages experience European weather at its best

Croatia is blessed with outstanding weather – even when it rains, this part of the world sparkles.

You might be surprised to hear that it is very seasonal, although the summer does tend to arrive early and stay late. Even in winter, it’s several degrees warmer than in Western European countries.

If you’re visiting in the middle of a European summer, expect it to be hot (all our accommodation is air-conditioned). Given the heat, you’ll be pleased to hear this part of the world is known for its many different winds, including the famous Bura, Jugo, Mistral, Lavant and Tramontana, to name just a few.

Locals believe each wind carries a distinct ‘feeling’ that settles over the people and land. The country is a Mecca for wind-water sports such as kitesurfing, winging, windsurfing, sailing and more, so expect to see vividly-coloured sails skirting across the turquoise waters!

MS Summer

5. Queues and free car parking spaces – what are they?

Cruise tours take care of all the details and running around

If you’re used to DIY holidays, then you’re familiar with the inherent high level of administration, frustration and waiting time. Not on our Croatia land and sea tours! We take the headache away and do all the planning, reserving and waiting so you can spend time on, well, whatever you want!

Forget trying to find a car park, figuring out how to pay for it, worrying about tolls, waiting in lines and all those other niggles that take the fun out of holidays. With us, everything’s organised. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this glass of chilled Pošip Croatian wine…

Trogir Riva, the city’s palm tree lined waterfront promenade

6. People add to the magic

Croatian island cruises are a great way to meet like-minded people

Taking part in a cruise & land tour is a great way to meet different people with similar interests. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to mingle, but we find most people just naturally gravitate into small groups that really enjoy each other’s company. It’s not unusual to start a lifelong friendship on one of our tour and cruise packages.

But you won’t just meet fellow holidayers. The locals can be every bit as fun and entertaining. Croatia is a very welcoming country, and locals will apologise for their poor English before striking up a conversation and speaking perfectly well. Following the wars, many Croatians emigrated to countries such as Australia, Canada and America, so it’s not unusual to chat with a cafe owner whose cousins live in Sydney or a bus driver with an aunt and uncle in Vancouver.

Enjoys the views along the way over seaside towns

Enjoys the views along the way over seaside towns

7. You can choose the perfect getaway for you

Select from a choice of amazing land and sea tour packages

The biggest problem will be deciding – the choice is impressive, and any of our comprehensive cruise-tour experiences will deliver the WOW. Enjoy the quality accommodation of a deluxe small ship experience and the friendly and efficient teams that will help make every day magical.

Choose from 10-day to 15-day adventures and opt for cruise-only or land-and-sea tour packages. Stay in Croatia or include Italy, Slovenia and/or other countries within the Balkans. If you’re unsure which of our 2024 Croatia tours is best for you, let us help you decide.

Bol Beach

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